Thanks for Stopping By Professor Dini!

July 4, 2017

Professor Daniele Dini participated at the Pint of Science event in South London on the evening of the 16th of May with the title ‘Brain games: latest advances in neurosurgery’.

Daniele, a key member of EDEN2020’s team, is a Professor in Tribology, a word derived from the Greek verb ‘tribo’ or ‘I rub’ and ‘logy’ or ‘study’. As such, Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Professor Dini;s job is to make use of this science  to revolutionise the field of neurosurgery.

With about 70 people enjoying a pint and science, Professor Dini showed his audience how technology is transforming the field of neurosurgery with advanced brain-like materials, robotic devices and computer programs simulating our brain’s interactions with surgical tools.

This is serious business and there is no room for error for neurosurgeons. Small mistakes could potentially lead to paralysis or death and the latest technologies, such as the ones investigated in Professor Dini’s laboratory, can help doctors train for challenging surgical operations and perform minimally invasive procedures. This is an EDEN2020 challenge!

A series of videos were created to advertise this event. Check them out!