GPU awarded to the POLIMI EDEN2020 Team

July 27, 2017

Having the right tool for the job can only be a good thing for producing results, and PhD Marco Vidotto has just acquired a useful piece of kit to help with his research. Marco, a PhD candidate working at POLIMI on the EDEN2020 project, recently submitted an application for the NVIDIA GPU Grant (, which is intended to provide worthy research groups with a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for free, in order to start new projects or help ongoing ones. His application was looked at favourably and he is now the recipient of a new GPU.

Marco, who is working with Prof Daniele Dini (IMPERIAL) and Dr Elena De Momi (POLIMI) on the development of a model for the prediction of the pharmaceutical agent distribution inside the brain said, “We want to exploit microscopy images to study the brain micro-structure and to infer its effects on drug diffusion. In order to do this, a master student at POLIMI, Michele Gazzara, and I are also working on image segmentation by means of a Deep Learning approach, which requires heavy computational power. A GPU can lower the data processing cost in a more efficient way than with a CPU”.

Congratulations go to Marco and all of the POLIMI team! We are looking forward to showcasing some of your brain images on the EDEN2020 website, when they become available.




Picture: POLIMI research team (from right to left) Elena De Momi, Marco Vidotto and Claudia Casellato