Technical University of Munich develops exciting new open source software, SUPRA

December 18, 2017

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is EDEN2020’s technology partner in charge of intraoperative ultrasound. The aim is for the system to be able to provide real-time, three-dimensional information about the patient anatomy, which is tremendously challenging. Marking a significant milestone in pursuit of this goal, researchers Rüdiger Göbl and Christoph Hennersperger have developed SUPRA, an open-source pipeline for fully Software defined Ultrasound Processing for Real-Time Applications.

Covering all steps from beamforming to output of B-Mode images, SUPRA can help to improve the reproducibility of results and does allow for a full customization of the image acquisition workflow.

By including all the processing stages of a common ultrasound pipeline, it can be executed in 2D and 3D on consumer GPUs in real- time. Even on hardware as small as the CUDA enabled Jetson TX2, SUPRA allows for 2D imaging in real-time.

SUPRA is going to enable seamless integration of ultrasound imaging within EDEN2020’s neurosurgical ecosystem, but will also serve as a valuable starting point for the wider research community to explore this form of imaging for any number of clinical applications.

You can read more about SUPRA here.