Project Partner Stories: The University of Milan

February 21, 2018

The University of Milan (UMIL) is a public teaching and research university, acknowledged for its wide variety of disciplinary fields. A leading institute in Italy and Europe for scientific productivity, UMIL is the largest university in the region. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the most important in Italy, in terms of both the standards of training and the clinical and basic scientific results. The Faculty boasts one of the highest rates of scientific production in the country, and is within the most important 150 universities of the world, and top 75 in the field of medicine.

The UMIL team herein involved is one of the leading groups at national, European, and worldwide level on the management of patients with gliomas. The team is based at the Humanitas Research Hospital, IRCCS, a large (>900 beds) hospital located in the Milan area.

The Unit of Neurosurgical Oncology of UMIL in Humanitas is one of the leading entities for the treatment of brain tumours in Italy. The EDEN2020 project team is led by Prof. Lorenzo Bello (Principal Investigator), Cancer Neurosurgery Unit Director, with Prof. Marco Riva and Dr. Luca Viganò. The clinical staff team up with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University, in particular with Prof. Davide Danilo Zani, Prof. Acocella, Prof. Brizzola and Dr. Trovatelli, in order to validate the innovative platform of EDEN2020 in an in vivo animal model.

The team’s main tasks undertaken as part of the EDEN2020 Consortium include: ethical processes, in vivo stereotactic-based navigation, human brain tissue sample extraction and delivery, and ex vivo and in vivo trials of the complete EDEN2020 precision neurosurgical system in a clinically relevant scenario.

Principal Investigator Prof. Lorenzo Bello recently led EDEN2020’s first External Expert Advisory Board meeting in London on the 23rd October 2017. The meeting provided an overview of the project from a clinical perspective, including addressing current goals in brain tumour diagnostics (such as imaging distortion) and treatment.

Lorenzo went on to summarise; ‘EDEN2020 is a robotic assisted neurosurgery technology platform that considers the importance for a neurosurgeon to remain in control of the systems during a procedure.’

The discussions and feedback conveyed to the Consortium should enable them to improve the clinical impact of their collective work. The Consortium intends to regularly gather feedback from the EEAB (following regular face to face meetings) and process and record the outcomes in a structured manner.

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