EDEN2020 Consortium Members Win Prestigious Award at the ISMR 2018

March 12, 2018

At the beginning of March, members from our project team attended ‘The International Symposium on Medical Robotics’ (ISMR 2018), held at the Academy of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia from the 1st to the 3rd March 2018. Principal Investigator Prof. Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, Dr. Riccardo Secoli (Imperial College), Dr. Elena De Momi and Alberto Favaro (POLIMI) shared EDEN2020’s advancements to-date with the other attendees.

Bringing together engineers, clinicians and industry representatives across the field of medical robotics, the objective of the Medical Robotics symposium is to create synergy and enable a platform to encourage future developments and innovation. Both Ferdinando and Elena gave key note speeches as part of programme.

As part of the symposium, an awards ceremony was held to recognise the advances and contributions of the attendees. Riccardo and Ferdinando were the proud recipients of the ‘Best Symposium Paper Award’ for their publication ‘Experimental Validation of Curvature Tracking with a Programmable Bevel-Tip Steerable Needle’. This is a fantastic acknowledgement of the hard work that EDEN2020 members are undertaking and the possible impacts the outcomes of the one-stop diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment in neurosurgery can have on society.

As part of ‘Brain Tumour Awareness Month’, this is a particular poignant award to win, as the aim of our project is to tackle the wider clinical challenge of extending and enhancing the quality of life of cancer patients.

You can view more photos from ISMR 2018 here.