EDEN2020 Publications Update

April 30, 2018

As we enter our third year of the EDEN2020 project, we are delighted to be able to share with you our publications and research findings to date. Working together to develop an integrated platform for one-stop diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment in neurosurgery, our Consortium members are making significant advances towards its completion. To date the Consortium has pushed the state of the art in terms of intra-operative ultrasound imaging, needle steering, and realistic tissue modelling, and details can be accessed online. All of our publications will be available to download via an open access repository. We hope that the information and data published will provide researchers, clinicians, engineers and those interested in medical robotics with the appropriate insight and understanding of the project’s aims and potential outcomes.

EDEN2020 Publications

Advances in needle steering, including advanced path planning and needle sensorisation for vessel detection and avoidance:

‘Experimental validation of curvature tracking with a programmable bevel-tip steerable needle’ 2018

‘Cyclic motion control for programmable Bevel-tip needles to reduce tissue deformation’ 2018

‘Laser Doppler sensing for blood vessel detection with a biologically inspired steerable needle’ 2018

‘Straight trajectory planning for keyhole neurosurgery in sheep with automatic brain structures segmentation’ 2017

‘Adaptive path-following control for bio-inspired steerable needles’ 2016

Intra-operatvie ultrasound imaging, and MR-ultrasound image fusion:

‘Acoustic window planning for ultrasound acquisition’ 2017

‘3D intra-operative ultrasound and MR image guidance: pursuing an ultrasound-based management of brainshift to enhance neuronavigation’ 2017

Realistic synthetic tissue modelling:

‘Cryogenic 3D printing of super soft hydrogels’ 2017

A full list of the publications and relevant links can also be viewed on our Publications Page.

Each of our publications below are available to view pending ending embargo periods.