EDEN2020’s Project and Review Meetings (M13-M30) in Luxembourg

November 29, 2018

On the 24th October 2018, the EDEN2020 Consortium travelled to the European Union’s Euroforum in Luxembourg for the project’s 13 -30 month meeting and review meeting which was held the following day.

Project Meeting – 24th October 2018: In the last 18 months, Consortium members made significant progress in their advances towards the established outcomes in-line with our goals and objectives. The meeting provided a space in which each work package leader could present their work and any queries which arose were subsequently addressed.

Review Meeting – 25th October 2018: The formal review meeting was attended by Irene Sardellitti (European Commission), Stefan Saur (ZEISS) and Michael Friebe (TUM) who assessed the work presented and provided feedback at the end of the meeting. All aspects of the work conducted within the project to date was presented to the reviewers which included technical, administrative and financial overviews.

Exploitation Steering Group (ESG) and General Assembly – 26th October 2018: Led by our Exploitation Manager Natasha Bennet, the ESG discussed aspects around intellectual property and routes to market. This was followed by the General Assembly, attended by all Consortium members, to discuss the activities and feedback from the previous day’s meeting and also to discuss upcoming work.

The meeting offered the chance for the Consortium members to reconnect with each other, reaffirming current working relationships and the growth of new ones. Images from the meetings can be viewed here.