Ferdinando and Riccardo standing in front of a 2019 happy new year sign

EDEN2020 Visit ITRI Taiwan

February 14, 2019

In January 2019, EDEN2020’s Principal Investigator, Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, and Riccardo Secoli were invited by the British Office in Taipei to join a delegation to Taiwan.

As part of the agenda, Ferdinando presented on the Consortium’s progress for EDEN2020 to senior members of research institutions like ITRI and to government officials, such as Dabing Xie, Taiwan’s Deputy Minister for Technology and Catherine Nettleton, senior representative of the British Office in Taipei.

Riccardo subsequently provided an overview of EDEN2020’s exploitation plan, where early conversations about possible future partnerships were discussed. The delegation also had the opportunity to visit key, state of the art research facilities in Taoyuan City and Tainan, including hospitals, technology incubators and university labs.