EDEN steerable catheter in a display case

Xograph showcases EDEN2020’s steerable needle at Med-Tech Innovation Expo

June 24, 2019

Over two days in May, Xograph showcased EDEN2020’s catheter/steerable needle at one of the UK & Ireland’s leading medtech expos joining 250 other exhibitors with access to over 4,000 attendees.

Xograph Healthcare, EDEN2020’s research & development and manufacturing partner, exhibited at the recent Med-Tech Innovation Expo in May which was held for the first time at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Joining 250 other exhibitors with access to over 4,000 attendees, the catheter garnered a lot of interest and some interesting discussions.

EDEN2020 catheter on display in the glass case with Xograph exhibitor The EDEN2020 shown on display at the expo

The EDEN2020 catheter in the display case at the expo.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo is a leading event in the UK & Ireland for design, development and manufacturing of medical devices. Each year, thousands of designers, engineers, innovators, and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare sector come together to showcase and discuss the latest manufacturing technologies and digital healthtech.

Along with expanding Xograph’s connections in the industry and reaching out to potential new customers, Mike Biro, General Manager and Director at Xograph noted that the expo is the ideal event to show the EDEN2020 catheter. Displayed with the EU-funded tag, the catheter was introduced to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and other potential interested parties. Some interesting discussions ensued from attendees, particularly around the complexity of the extrusion.

Xograph employers speaking with attendees at the expo

This is not the first time Xograph showcased the catheter at the expo. From last year’s expo, Xograph in action with the catheter was snapped by photographers and featured prominently in the 2019 expo promotions. The photo has also been used in several plastics and medical technology magazines.

It was a great event and Xograph plan to attend next year as exhibitors again at the NEC in April 2020.

A lady looking at the EDEN steerable catheter

Xograph design, develop, manufacture and assemble medical devices and components for many of the global healthcare companies. The company specialises in the extrusion of medical-grade plastic tubing in many materials down to an o/d of 0.5mm together with plastic injection moulding in class 7 cleanrooms at its facilities in the UK. As part of EDEN2020, Xograph is developing a biocompatible family of catheters with embedded optical fibres, over-mouldings of the base for actuation and steering, and packaging (with a view to sterilisation).