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Snapshot – EDEN2020 the past 6 months

November 13, 2019

The EDEN2020 consortium have been busy submitting numerous deliverables and completing milestones this past May to October period and here is a snapshot of what they have been up to.

All deliverables in work package (WP) Two – Measurement and Modelling of Drug Delivery in Neurosurgery – are completed and WP Four – Intra-operative Sensing for Adaptive Navigation and In Situ Diagnosis – is also very close to completion.

The Consortium presented an update on progress to the European Commission (EC) in July in which constructive feedback and comments were exchanged. The Consortium also involved themselves in multiple dissemination and outreach activities, and published widely on a variety of project outputs.

WP1, which forms the backbone of the project, is on track with complete integration of the system (Milestone 16) completed in July 2019. This took place at partner’s, Universita Degli Studi Di Milano, site in Lodi (Italy).

Over the past six months, the Consortium have completed a live flexible catheter insertion (Milestone 17), marking the end of WP2. These results led to the completion of further deliverables including the Model Validation Report and the diffusion database.

The clinical results from WP Two are currently being prepared for publication, These results were instrumental in completing the ethics documentation for WP Five.

Overall, the Consortium is dedicated to progressing EDEN2020 deliverables and milestones further. There is continued extensive focus on WP Five and the final integration trials in WP One.