ITRI and EDEN2020 in a meeting

EDEN2020 goes to Taiwan

January 13, 2020

Image: ITRI and Imperial discussing the bespoke, steerable catheter which, the EDEN2020 are working hard to develop and revolutionise and advance cancer diagnostics and therapy.

Collaborative relationship with not-for-profit research institute (ITRI) gets stronger.

The EDEN2020 team from Imperial travelled to Taiwan in November 2019 and spent a 3-day intensive with Taiwan’s leading not-for-profit research institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The visit follows on from previous collaborative sessions between EDEN2020 and ITRI and just like the others, the sessions moved EDEN2020 and ITRI closer to their common goal of commercialising EDEN2020 results, and taking innovative technology and their collaboration to the next level.

EDEN2020 team looking at ITRI’s latest Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) results.
The EDEN2020 delegation hard at work reviewing ITRI’s latest Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) results within the context of their ongoing collaboration.

Professor Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, coordinator of EDEN2020, was joined by EDEN2020 engineers, Marlene Pinzi and Dr Riccardo Secoli, and Research Exploitation Manager, Callum Lawrence. Future venture capitals, technology collaborations and stakeholder engagement were the main objectives to tackle over the 3 days. Callum noted that the 3-days “allowed us to explore the essential collaboration opportunities that will be crucial in bringing key inventive outputs of EDEN2020 through to market and ultimately to the bedside of patients who will benefit from these new technologies.”

Imperial and ITRI people standing in front of the National Laboratory Animal Center
The Imperial EDEN2020 team visiting the National Laboratory Animal Center as part of their discussions around research and testing in technological collaborations

EDEN2020 is a Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) research project with high technology readiness levels (TRLs). It is a focus of EDEN2020 to turn the integrated robotic system of bespoke steerable catheters, optical fibres, and imaging technologies a reality for cancer diagnostics and therapy. The EDEN2020 team have been in collaborative sessions with ITRI to develop this reality. The EDEN2020 team were very impressed with the physical and capital infrastructure available within Taiwan and will strive to take advantage of these capabilities in the near future.