Guests look at the EDEN2020 system

EDEN2020 showcases amongst the most innovative tech at new lab in Milan

February 28, 2020

The official opening of the Leonardo Robotics Labs in Milan included engineers and researches showcasing their robots of tomorrow.

Updated 19 Mar 2020 [additional external article added; Il Sole 24 ORE]

The Leonardo Robotics Labs at the Milan Polytechnic officially opened in February. 500 square meters of the historic Carlo Erba building was transformed into a ‘gym’ where robots, artificial intelligence systems and autonomous vehicles will be further developed by over a hundred students and researchers.

Elena de Momi talking with a lady in a robotics lab room full of people


The new infrastructure brings together four existing laboratories and their research: AIRLab – artificial intelligence and robotics; Merlin – mechatronics, industrial robotics, and motion control; NEARLab – hi-tech solutions for patient rehabilitation; and MOVELab – intelligent vehicles and smart mobility.

Alberto Favaro, PhD student of NEARLab Medical Robotics at Politecnico di Milano brought EDEN2020 to the spectacle where he and other EDEN2020 engineers exhibited the EDEN2020 system. Alberto said, “In this new research environment we have now the possibility to share knowledge and efforts with colleagues from other robotics disciplines. We can work together in synergy with the shared objective of boosting the development of robotics in the society, industry and medicine.”   Attendees learned of the innovative technology behind EDEN2020 – to create a novel steerable catheter integrated with a robotic system to deliver life-saving cancer therapy to never before reached places in the brain.

Alice speaking with a man and showing the EDEN steerable catheter at Leonardo Robotics Labs in Milan


To learn more about the ‘gym of robots’ and what was a “dream come true,” for pro-rector Donatella Sciuto as she recalled this work starting in 2013, various Italian news outlets covered the event:

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