people viewing a presentation

EDEN2020 at the CBTDDC workshop

March 4, 2020

The second Workshop on Drug Delivery to the Brain, run by the Children’s Brain Tumour Drug Delivery Consortium (CBTDDC) occurred last month in Edinburgh, UK (27th February). EDEN2020’s senior engineer from Imperial College London, Dr Riccardo Secoli took the EDEN2020 pop-up station to the workshop and engaged with fellow researchers and scientists. The workshop comprised of inspiring presentations and in-depth discussions of potential collaborative research projects including developing grant proposals.

Dr Riccardo Secoli with the EDEN2020 pop-up station

image of street in Edinburgh

The CBTDDC grew from the growing challenge of drug delivery to childhood brains as part of their cancer care. Founding members agreed there was a strong need for sharing knowledge and expertise within the area of childhood brain tumour drug delivery, in order to make significant headway and engage with all interested stakeholders.

Go to the CBTDDC website for more information on the work they do.