The EDEN team standing with the EDEN robotic system

EDEN2020’s team at Imperial win President’s Award

June 29, 2020

An award for one EDEN2020 partner institution that speaks to all EDEN2020’s EU partners and their collaborative partnership.

The Mechatronics in Medicine (MiM) Laboratory, who are the Imperial College London arm of EDEN2020 have received recognition from their institution with the President’s award for Outstanding Research Team. EDEN2020 served as part of the evidentiary basis for the team to demonstrate their contributions to research excellence and impact, translational work and international engagement. Winning this award speaks to all the consortium involved in EDEN2020.

Over the past three years, the consortium have strengthened their existing ties and formed new ones with excellent collaborators. Working together on an €8.3M across different countries is no small feat and the multi-national, multi-disciplinary consortium’s commitment to EDEN2020 is tangible. Developing innovative neurosurgical technology, exploring commercial potential, and publishing joint papers; EDEN2020’s 8 partners (Imperial, UMIL, POLIMI, TUM, XOGRAPH, Renishaw, OSR, and UMCG) across Europe continue to uphold their commitment to their partnerships and world-class research.

An extension to this are the outreach activities the EDEN2020 continue to engage in. These challenging times of social restrictions don’t stop the team. Eloise Matheson who is completing her PhD with the MiMs Lab, took viewers on an ‘at home’ tour of the EDEN2020 robotic system. As part of the virtual UK Robotics Week (#UKRW20) Eloise demonstrated her home set-up of steering the flexible catheter. Her video can be watched on YouTube.

Prof Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, MiMs lab leader and EDEN2020 coordinator, is humbled by the award but more so, the team. “To lead such a varied, united, multi-national and multidisciplinary team of exceptional research students and staff, humbles me every day” says Prof Rodriguez, “…the team deserve without a doubt recognition for their unique merits in both science and outreach”.