Young man in a suit standing next to a tv with another young man on the screen

EDEN2020 PhD students receive doctorate with highest honours

July 21, 2020

Alberto Favaro and Marco Vidotto receive PhD cum laude with their work on the EDEN2020 robotic system.

It is a proud moment for the EDEN2020 consortium. Alberto Favaro and Marco Vidotto from The Polytechnic University of Milan (POLIMI) have successfully defended their doctorates and were awarded PhDs cum laude; the highest award given. Alberto was supervised by Prof. Elena De Momi (POLIMI, Italy) and Prof. Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena (Imperial, UK) and Marco was supervised also by Prof. Elena De Momi along with Prof. Daniele Dini (Imperial, UK). Receiving the award played out a little differently than usual due to the current COVID-19 pandemic thus, Marco attended in situ with Alberto joining virtually.

Young man in a suit standing next to a tv with another young man on the screen
Marco (left) and Alberto (right) giving each other a virtual ‘pat on the back’.

Both Alberto and Marco have been integral to the EDEN2020 project. Alberto’s research was focussed on the optimised curvilinear path planning for the EDEN2020 catheter in which he also explored methods on robust tracking and prediction of the catheter’s position and orientation during insertion. Marco’s dissertation rested in analysing the brain microstructure to understand its relationship with important fluid dynamics parameters such as permeability and tortuosity. Marco then used the results to develop a comprehensive and patient-specific drug delivery model.

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Marco (middle) standing with his co-supervisor, Prof Elena De Momi (left) and member of the PhD commission, Prof. Simona Ferrante (right).

Throughout their PhD’s, Alberto and Marco have taken EDEN2020 to industry expos and public engagement events. Just recently Alberto was part of Prof De Momi’s team when they showcased the EDEN2020 system at the official opening of the Leonardo Robotics Labs. While last year, Marco engaged Faire goers with the EDEN2020 science station at Maker Faire Rome. They also spent time at Imperial College London labs. Alberto spent 6 months at the Mechatronics in Medicine Lab with Prof Rodriguez y Baena and team where he worked on the development of a stereo-vision system for in-vitro needle tracking. Concurrently, Marco spent 3 months with Professor Dini’s Tribology group, furthering his investigations into brain microstructures and fluid dynamics.

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Bitter sweet. The COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions meant Alberto (pictured) could not join his dissertation in person but he was able join via video link.

Where to now? Both are keen to get into industry. Alberto hopes to spend a couple of months as a postdoctoral researcher before moving into industry and Marco, while currently a postdoc with NEARlab at POLIMI, hopes to start a career in the research and development arm of commercial companies.

Congratulations again to both Alberto and Marco and saluti to the well-deserved celebrations!