kids learning about the catheter development at the EDEN2020 science station

EDEN2020 @ European Research Night 2019 (UK)

The Imperial Team of EDEN2020 showcased at the 2019 European Researchers’ Night at the Natural History Museum (London, UK). Every year on the last Friday of September, sites and countries across Europe simultaneously host the European Researchers’ Night. This EU-funded initiative makes science accessible to all through activities which combine education with entertainment, such as …

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image of simulation

2D computer simulation of needle insertion from paper published, “An adaptive finite element model for steerable needles” in Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology

This video formed as supplementary material to the published article: Terzano, M., Dini, D., Rodriguez y Baena, F. et al. An adaptive finite element model for steerable needles. Biomech Model Mechanobiol (2020). This article is open access and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. No changes were made to the video.

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people wearing EDEN2020 polo shirts talking to people


This is a summary video of EDEN2020 at the Natural History Museum (London) Lates in March 2019. Lates is an initiative open and free to the public to explore the Museum after hours. Its ethos is to celebrate and discover how cutting-edge research, technology and design is turning to nature to seek new ways of …

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EDEN2020 team standing with banner

EDEN2020 at Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

  EDEN2020 team showcased the catheter and demo of the steering system at the 2019 Great Exhibition Road Festival. Connecting with hundreds of festival-goers, the EDEN2020 team were in the Robot Zone and were amazed at the diversity of people interested in the EU-funded project, including our youngest future scientists!

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