The Imperial Team of EDEN2020 showcased at the 2019 European Researchers’ Night at the Natural History Museum (London, UK). Every year on the last Friday of September, sites and countries across Europe simultaneously host the European Researchers’ Night. This EU-funded initiative makes science accessible to all through activities which combine education with entertainment, such as exhibitions, hands-on experiments, science shows, games, competitions, quizzes and more. The Research Project Management Office at Imperial, who lead on EDEN2020’s project and communication management, showcased four of their portfolio of Horizon2020 projects. This video showcases the EDEN2020, EAVI2020, PRESTIGE-AF,  and PERFORM projects on the night.

EDEN2020 showcased the EDEN2020 story and innovative tech in their pop-up science station replete with a gooey brain model and computer simulation and EDEN2020’s medical engineers and project managers to explain the project to festival goers of all ages. This video

The European Researchers’ Night attracted more than 1.6 million visitors in 2019.