EDEN2020 student Fouzia Khan successfully defends her PhD

Original article published on Surgical Robotics Lab, 11 May 2021. Congratulations to EDEN PhD student Fouzia Khan, who successfully defended her PhD! The defence of her doctoral thesis titled “Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Flexible Medical Instruments” was held on 12 of May 2021 at the University of Groningen. Thesis summary: The main objective of …

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Trust in the machine

Trust in the machine: EDEN2020’s PI interviewed for Practical Patient Care

Professor Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, EDEN2020’s Principal Investigator and co-director of the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery at Imperial College London, spoke to Mae Losasso for Practical Patient Care, sharing his insights into the future applications of AI in surgery. Original article written by Mae Losasso, published in Practical Patient Care Issue 27, 2021. ‘Although …

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Marlene (left) and Eloise (right) after a long day of system testing at the EDEN2020 clinical partner site in Lodi, Italy.

Time for celebration as two more EDEN2020 PhD students receive their doctorates

We are extremely proud to share that EDEN2020 PhD students Eloise Matheson and Marlene Pinzi have been awarded their doctorates, we caught up with them on their EDEN2020 experience and plans for the future. Supervised by Professor Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena and Professor Daniele Dini, Marlene’s thesis developed novel computer-assisted planning tools to facilitate surgeons …

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3d model of a skull

EDEN2020 study finds direction of fluid injection in the brain, affects drug uptake

EDEN2020 seminal paper published that answers the question, how do fluids flow inside the brain and why do we need steerable needles as the ultimate solution for cancer therapy? EDEN2020 partners have finally proven what they set out to do over 5 years ago: that directionality of needle insertion plays a crucial role when infusing …

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screenshot of the TBME homepage

EDEN2020 paper gains traction

The paper is set as journal feature and highlight article on Imperial News EDEN2020 recent paper published in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, has been selected as a feature article in the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING (TBME) April Issue. Titled “Infusion Mechanisms in Brain White Matter and Their Dependence on Microstructure: An Experimental Study …

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MRI of brain

New EDEN2020 paper “Glioma biopsies Classification Using Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Models on Fresh Tissue Samples”

This study “further supported the translational development of real-time tissue analysis with RS in oncological brain surgery and yielded novel findings in the biochemical features of the brain tissue affected by glioma.” The paper is freely available via MDPI Open Access Riva, M., Sciortino, T., Secoli, R., D’Amico, E., Moccia, S., Fernandes, B., Nibali, M.C., …

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bendable catheter moving through a gel

EDEN2020 receives 6-month project extension

Funding body, European Commission provides some breathing room for Horizon2020 projects due to impacts of COVID-19. EDEN2020 has been granted a 6-month no-cost extension from its funding body, the European Commission. COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on the progress of EDEN2020’s preclinical work. Like many Horizon2020 projects involved in clinical trials, EDEN2020 was required …

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Young man in a suit standing next to a tv with another young man on the screen

EDEN2020 PhD students receive doctorate with highest honours

Alberto Favaro and Marco Vidotto receive PhD cum laude with their work on the EDEN2020 robotic system. It is a proud moment for the EDEN2020 consortium. Alberto Favaro and Marco Vidotto from The Polytechnic University of Milan (POLIMI) have successfully defended their doctorates and were awarded PhDs cum laude; the highest award given. Alberto was …

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The EDEN team standing with the EDEN robotic system

EDEN2020’s team at Imperial win President’s Award

An award for one EDEN2020 partner institution that speaks to all EDEN2020’s EU partners and their collaborative partnership. The Mechatronics in Medicine (MiM) Laboratory, who are the Imperial College London arm of EDEN2020 have received recognition from their institution with the President’s award for Outstanding Research Team. EDEN2020 served as part of the evidentiary basis …

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Surgical team in operating theatre

Testing the road to market: EDEN2020 explores exploitation possibilities through new venture, Neoptera Surgical.

EDEN2020 researcher, Dr Riccardo Secoli tests the waters of bringing the steerable catheter system to clinical practice via entrepreneurship programmes. The EDEN2020 project has developed extensively over the years. From humble beginnings of mimicking the way a wood-wasp bends and flexes its ovipositor to reach unreachable targets with accuracy, the team are seeking out avenues …

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