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Project Partner Stories: The University of Milan

The University of Milan (UMIL) is a public teaching and research university, acknowledged for its wide variety of disciplinary fields. A leading institute in Italy and Europe for scientific productivity, UMIL is the largest university in the region. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the most important in Italy, in terms of both the …

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Technical University of Munich develops exciting new open source software, SUPRA

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is EDEN2020’s technology partner in charge of intraoperative ultrasound. The aim is for the system to be able to provide real-time, three-dimensional information about the patient anatomy, which is tremendously challenging. Marking a significant milestone in pursuit of this goal, researchers Rüdiger Göbl and Christoph Hennersperger have developed SUPRA, …

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The EDEN Polimi team

Milan meets EDEN2020 engineers at ICT4All event

Last month, Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) celebrated its ICT4All day. Visitors of all ages interested in the world of ICT had the possibility to experience and talk to the scientists involved in computer science at the university. Guests benefited from a full day of workshops, demos and guided tours to the laboratories, showcasing some of …

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GPU awarded to the POLIMI EDEN2020 Team

Having the right tool for the job can only be a good thing for producing results, and PhD Marco Vidotto has just acquired a useful piece of kit to help with his research. Marco, a PhD candidate working at POLIMI on the EDEN2020 project, recently submitted an application for the NVIDIA GPU Grant, which is …

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Thanks for Stopping By Professor Dini!

Professor Daniele Dini participated at the Pint of Science event in South London on the evening of the 16th of May with the title ‘Brain games: latest advances in neurosurgery’. Daniele, a key member of EDEN2020’s team, is a Professor in Tribology, a word derived from the Greek verb ‘tribo’ or ‘I rub’ and ‘logy’ or …

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Marlene and Ilias standing at a lectern

Congratulations to EDEN2020 graduates for their IMechE Awards!

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Healthcare Technologies Student and Early Career Awards 2017 took place in London on the 20th of June, with the aim to improve the world through engineering. With a total of three award categories, this competition reviews background, knowledge, methodology, results, discussion and conclusions of all applications. Two EDEN2020 researchers (Marlene …

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EDEN2020 at TriboUK2017

The annual TriboUK conference was held in London, 27-28 April 2017. About the Conference TriboUK is a conference specifically aimed to bring together PhD students in the field of tribology. The conference offered an excellent opportunity for young researchers to share their work with peers and to build a network both in academia and industry. This …

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Will Blyth presenting at the festival

EDEN2020 at the 2017 Imperial Festival

A great chance for outreach, and a unique opportunity to disseminate EDEN2020’s current progress and ambitions…members of the MIM Lab at Imperial College, and of the EDEN2020 project team gave up their valuable time over the weekend to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects to children and young adults, during Imperial College’s annual festival. …

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The EDEN consortium group photo

Outstanding feedback at EDEN2020’s 1st review meeting

Imperial College hosted EDEN2020’s 1st review meeting in London on Wednesday 5th April 2017. Representatives from all partner institutions travelled to London to present the achievements of EDEN2020’s first year of research. The review panel was formed by the EC Project Officer and three experts on the fields of robotics and biomedicine who had the …

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Marlene and Zhengchu in front of an EDEN science poster

EDEN2020 at ERF 2017

The European Robotics Forum 2017 (ERF 2017) is a conference that features keynote talks by world-renowned roboticists making it a great occasion to promote the EDEN2020 project in front of the European robotics community. This year, PhD students Marlene Pinzi, from the Mechatronics in Medicine Laboratory, and Zhengchu Tan, from the Tribology Group at Imperial College London, …

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